Importance of A Mobie Bar Service for your wedding or party

What’s missing in your Wedding or Party?

Wedding and Parties these days are becoming more vibrant and lively, there is this trend of having a mobile bar service in almost every event you go to

Here are a few reasons:

It breaks the traditional way by spicing up the venue and breaking the traditional Décor giving it more vibrancy and excitement

Getting away from the old way of ordering a straight drink to your table and not even knowing what is being poured for you

Imagine yourself where you can order a Doudou, tequila, brain damage, b52 shots as well as Yummy Margaritas, Bloody Marys, Gin Basils and a wide variety of Fruity and nonalcoholic cocktails

Wouldn’t this alone keep your party going and going? 

Imagine yourself still sitting on the table and see the highly professional bartenders/mixologists showing off their shaking, staring, and rolling techniques and presenting their mouthwatering cocktails in some special glasses with crafted garnishes on the top

Would you still be sitting and watching? 

The added Value and the Value for money the mobile bar service offer to any event makes it surely the least paying service

Mobile bar services nowadays, are the ultimate source of entertainment in any event and as the Cin Cin saying goes : “It is All about the Bar” 

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