Mocktail stations to make your wedding different

If you’re organizing a non-alcoholic reception on your wedding night, there is no need at all to limit yourself and your guests’ choices to dull stations where only water, teas, and flavorless canned juices are served.

You can bring life and freshness to your wedding, by creating an unforgettable experience with tasty and visually appealing refreshments for your guests, and make that special occasion different on so many levels.

Cin Cin offers you the mocktail bar stations, with experienced bartenders and barmaids to squeeze, mix, shake, and decorate a variety of fresh juices, smoothies, and mocktails served with fresh twists and garnishes in special glassware. Serve your guests top-notch fresh fruits and vegetables, juicing bars, smoothy stations to quench their thirst and amaze them.

If you want to attract your guests and provide them with distinctive and memorable stations and drinks, tell Cin Cin about the theme of your wedding night, and let our mixologists create a libation customized to your wedding, and let everybody talk about the decorated stations with fresh and exotic fruits, and about the taste of the different mocktails that have been served on your special night.

Cin Cin guarantees offering your guests the ultimate fresh taste in the most exquisite presentation, to let everybody enjoy a fantastic night.

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