The Bar Is Where You Are

Your one-stop liquor store, cocktails & fresh delivery service all in one.

We are a creation by Cin Cin, the beverage service and mobile bar company that’s been perfecting your drinking mode since 2011.

Planning a special occasion? Request our 3 liters punches for your events!

We provide you with the home-catering and Butler services for when you’re hosting a busy night in.

Not only we do prepare your fresh cocktails and mocktails; we are your one stop shop for liquors & spirits; from gin and rum to vodka and whisky!

We offer non-alcoholic beverages as well, from sparkling to fresh juices and detox.

we complete your drinking experience with a refreshing variety of suitable snacks and bites.

We also have a caravan which is delicately restored into a luxurious bar to serve all your events.

This 5 by 3 meter caravan holds within it the luxury of a five star bar, elegantly designed with high end stainless fridges, sinks,shelving and tables.

We serve your desires and satisfy your cravings at all altitudes, at any setting, for any occasion.

Our wheels are always on the run!

AUTOBAR Online Delivery or call us on 76 004406

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