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Do you want to impress your guests on your Big Day? Do you want to offer them VIP Mobile Bar Catering services, mouthwatering drinks and unforgettable moments of fun and entertainment?

Our highly experienced and professional bartenders and barmaids will gladly exhibit all your wedding beverage desires, customize your menu to your wedding theme, and offer you a night to remember.

bar, mobile bar, lights, lightbulbs, led lights, cocktails, bartending, beverages,





Corporate functions and exhibitions are business mixed with a little leisure to impress large gatherings of potential clientele, and you definitely need our bar there!

We have learned over the years how to add a dash of fun to these events to express your care to your guests by offering them the best cocktails and mocktails in a professional setting. 

Some of our happy corporate clients include luxury brands such as: Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel, Formula 1, Kilian Paris, Porsche, Bentley, Dior, Cartier, YSL, Ferrari, McLaren,  and more. 

bar, mobile bar, lights, lightbulbs, led lights, cocktails, bartending, beverages,






Do you want to party on your birthday and make your friends remember this special day for the remaining 364 days?

Choose the bar design that best suits your theme, hire the most entertaining and fun bartenders, serve your guests the best cocktail combinations, and enjoy a party that deserves to be called a real celebration.



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As the first leading bar catering in the MENA region, Cin Cin offers a one-of-a-kind bar experience in the events industry. Cin Cin was founded in 2009 by a group of experts in the F&B industry, nightlife event management, beverage supply, and concerts. Within two years, after successfully managing the mobile bar catering services for hundreds of local events in Lebanon, we expanded our operations to Dubai, UAE in 2013 and are now broadening our horizons into the flourishing Saudi Arabian market, having embarked on offering comprehensive & 360' bar solutions that positioned us as leaders all over the Middle East, and labelled as leaders and pioneers in the beverage industry, since 2009.


We know how to cater to your events needs, and offer you a full 360` solution of mobile bar operations, with the tastiest cocktails and mocktails, served by highly entertaining and experienced mixologists.

We offer Bar Catering & Beverages, provide Bar Consultancy solutions and Full Bar Support for all your events. We offer a complete Bar Service and create Cocktail & Mocktail Menus for Hotels, Restaurants, Lounges, Weddings, Events, and Corporate Functions. 

No matter the size of your event, Cin Cin Services knows how to mix your needs with your budget, flavor them with a supreme experience, shake them in a well themed environment and pour them into your glasses to awaken the sixth sense of yours and your guests'.