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Our Mission & Slogan: Raise The Bar

At Cin Cin Services, we provide Bar Consultancy Solutions accompanied with Bar Training and Full Bar Support. We present a Complete Bar Service and Create Cocktails & Mocktails Menus focusing on the individuality of the customer tailoring to their needs.

Our knowledge, capabilities and years of experience in Cocktail Bar production and execution have enabled us in delivering High Spec Cocktail Bars and Licensed Bars to exceed expectations. We can help at the infancy of each project in terms of bar construction and hardware requirements setting a benchmark for industry standards from service to hospitality.

Cin Cin bar and beverage consulting services have  spent the last decade working and consulting on every aspect of the hospitality market. Our specialized consultancy and work varies across all sectors offering solutions to businesses in the hospitality industry from small independent restaurants and bars to groups,hotels, and international brands. Our knowledge and skills have been sourced throughout Europe, Dubai, and Beirut.

We specialize in consulting for: 

- Restaurants 

- Lounges 

- Clubs

- Hotels 

- Resorts 

- Weddings 

- Corporate 

- & More 


Cin Cin's Team consists of more than 15+ employees with more than 10 years of experience in Lebanon, UAE, Egypt & Jordan, in addition to our top management and event coordinators.

Here are our main game-players!

Big B

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Has been in the Bar industry for the past 12 years, worked and managed many high end lounges, night clubs, and beach resort bars.

Loved by everyone, Bilal's humor, friendliness, and yummy cocktails make everyone's night at every party. 

Bilal plays a big role in sharing his experiences and high standards within Cin Cin’s team.

Adham Beainy - CEO

Sales & Event Operations Executives


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Hassan has worked in upscale restaurants and bars for over 12 years.

Having a lot of potential, in addition to his charm and  professionalism, he will absolutely make it BIG in the Bartending World, and make your events extraordinary! 

      Tarek Beainy - Managing Director

      Accounting, Purchasing & Cost Control


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      Talented Michel started his career as a floor supervisor and made his way up through his passions for bartending. 

      He loves to serve and chat with guests, making their bar experience entertaining, as well as setting high standards. 

      For the past 10 years, he has worked among the finest cocktail bars between Beirut and Dubai. 

        Marketing & Events Director

        Graphic Designers & Interior Architects